Mina Ebrahimi Founder and President of Saint Germain Catering

Born from immigrant parents who arrived in this country in 1978, Mina’s hard-work and determination paid off when she turned her passion for cooking into what is known today as Saint Germain Catering—a company not only focused on its commitment to quality food, but delicious dishes and superior service. At the age of 11, Mina started working at her parent’s bakery in Seven Corners, VA. There she learned the business of customer service and continued to run the family cafe as it relocated to Tyson’s Galleria as Saint Germain Cafe. In 1999 and at the age of 26 Mina started her own company, Saint Germain Catering, focusing on corporate catering but also serving her client’s wedding and special event needs. With a grander vision in mind, she quickly transformed the business into a full-service catering company serving weddings, business luncheons, special events and private parties. Saint Germain Catering currently employees 32 full-time employees and 8 part-time employees. As owner and entrepreneur, Mina has received numerous awards & accolades including the 2014 Enterprising Women of the Year Award, Washington Business Journal’s 2010 Top 40 Under 40 Award and Winner of SmartCEO’s Brava Awards – celebrating female business leaders that share a spirit and passion for giving back to the community. Her professional success has fueled her devotion to support many non-profits and organizations including Operation Homefront DC, providing programs designed to build strong, stable, and secure military families and The 25th Project, helping a community of unsheltered homeless in Northern VA by providing food donations and other supplies throughout the year. Her sponsorship of McBaine, a cancer detection dog with University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Vet Working Dog Center, helps with their efforts in developing early ovarian cancer detection tools, for the estimated 14,000+ women that lose their battle with ovarian cancer annually. Proceeds from Saint Germain Catering have also helped with cancer research at University of Pennsylvania through animals being treated for the disease. Mina founded the Jack-Ebrahimi Program at University of Pennsylvania which is one of the only interventional radiology veterinarian programs in the country as well as the Mina Ebrahimi Foundation which empowers women of all ages to build a future in business.

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