Mina Ebrahimi President of Saint Germain Catering celebrating 20th year Anniversary.

I can’t believe it has been 20 years since I started Saint Germain Catering. My dream was always to own my very own business. I was 26 years old without a penny in my pocket and yes dreams do come true. All I can say is I dropped my head and worked everyday to make it all happen. May 1998 I incorporated the company and left my family business to start this amazing catering company. I had no clue what lay ahead but took each day as new–kept going and didn’t look back. The anxiousness and fear were unreal and all I could say to myself is get up and go to work and try your best, and so I did.

Today I am working actively as much as I did the very first day. Of course my role is different now. No longer do I expedite the line in the kitchen every day, clean, prep and cook (though I still jump in anywhere with my staff when needed). Instead I have hired and nurtured the very best employees and overseen their training personally. Together we have grown the business to be the largest corporate caterer in the country.  I believe I have been so successful because I never lost perspective of what is most important to me:  my staff and my clients.  Both get the quality time and attention they deserve in terms of service and training. Today, as before, I remain accessible to my employees, clients, and vendors on a daily basis.

Saint Germain Catering has been an amazing blessing for me and so many people. Watch for a blog in the near future about what Saint Germain has meant to its employees over the years.

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